Janene Matsukis

Portfolio: Lobbying - Regulatory Portfolio
Company: Smartcall Technology Solutions
Email: janene (at) waspa.org.za
Tenure: PR WG co-chair - 2012
Lobbying WG co-chair - 2012

Janene has 15 years experience in the mobile industry (initially with Cointel and then Smartcall Technology Solutions) covering all aspects of the business ranging from aggregation, content delivery, billing, and all bearers of delivery without exception.

Janene has been involved with developing one of the original WASPs (Cointel) into a power house of a business. During this time her understanding of the industries requirements as well as the needs of the consumer allowed her to set trends as to where the industry should focus to ensure success in the mobile telecoms environment.

With billions of billing tickets processed under her management, Janene is a trend setter for requirements in the past, present and her recommendations, suggestions and influence would be invaluable asset in the future. Understanding all aspects of the requirements and has an unlimited wealth of knowledge at her disposal to ensure this ingredient is available.

Building, concluding and sustaining relationships locally and internationally Janene has ensured that all partners dealing with her have been able to place a large amount of trust in her and decisions she makes, knowing that their business is in safe hands.