Keeping our children safe online (SABC Television Interview)

Published on: 12th July 2022

Cyberbullying on social media platforms and instant messaging platforms, as well as other forms of peer-to-peer violence can adversely affect young people. Each time a child browses on the internet, they may be exposed to hate speech and violent content – including messages that incite self-harm and even suicide.

A recent report published by UNICEF (Growing up in a connected world) states that more than a third of young people surveyed in over 30 countries, report being cyberbullied – with 1 in 5 skipping school because of it.

The most alarming threat to children is online sexual exploitation and abuse. It has never been easier for child sex offenders to contact their potential victims, share imagery and encourage others to commit offences.  Children may be victimized through the production, distribution, and consumption of sexual abuse material, or they may be groomed for sexual exploitation, with abusers attempting to meet them in person or exhort them for explicit content.

WASPA’s Managing Executive discusses the above and steps that parents can take to protect their children online with Siphumelele Zondi from SABC News Channel.

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