About WASPs

What is WASPA?

  • WASPA is the industry body for service providers offering WASP services.
  • The industry Code of Conduct is maintained by WASPA. You can find a copy of the WASPA Code of Conduct here.
  • WASPA assists consumers with complaints about services offered by WASPA’s members.

What are WASP services?

  • Many of the services that you use on your mobile phone are run by Wireless Application Service Providers or WASPs.
  • These services include content services, like games, videos, or ringtones, as well as interactive voice services, and messaging services (SMS notifications and MMS notifications).
  • Services provided by WASPs over the mobile networks are called Value Added Services (VAS).

What is a short code?

  • A shortcode is a five-digit number that you can send an SMS to, for example 31234.
  • Some short codes are premium-rated. If you send a message to one of these numbers, you will be charged more than the cost of sending an ordinary SMS.
  • You can use the SMS Code web site (smscode.waspa.org.za) to find out which company operates a particular short code.

What is the WASPA Code?

  • WASPA has a Code of Conduct which is binding on all WASPA members.
  • The primary objective of the Code is to ensure that members of the public can use mobile services with confidence, assured that they will be provided with accurate information about all services and the pricing associated with those services.
  • The Code provides consumers with a mechanism for addressing any concerns or complaints relating to services provided by WASPA members, and a framework for impartial, fair and consistent evaluation and response to any complaints made.

More about WASPA

  • WASPA is a non-profit body, founded in 2004, which represents the interests of mobile application service providers operating in South Africa. WASPA provides a neutral forum for members to address issues of common interest and interact with industry stakeholders, network operators and government bodies.
  • WASPA has more than 300 members, and employees an independent monitoring team and complaints department to enforce the Code.