The WASPIES are peer recognition awards, introduced by WASPA in 2022 to acknowledge those who are making stellar contributions to the industry.

The 2022 award categories, nominees and winners are:


This award honours and celebrates the achievements of forward-thinking companies within the mobile content, service, and technology segments. Mobile innovations play a pivotal role in changing the market and stimulating the economy through opportunities, and we want to celebrate those organisations and people who bring new ideas to life. Whether that idea is big or small, these ideas change industries.

The winner of this award needs to showcase some of the most impressive developments which can be attributed to their boldness, creativity and innovative thinking.

Nominees could be:

  • An organisation: Whose culture, products and people are consistently delivering innovative solutions for their community and customers.
  • A product: A single product or product line launched or updated in the last 12 months whose innovative approach or product has caused market or customer disruption.
  • An individual: An employee or leader whose skills or management style has led to the delivery of innovative solutions.

2022 Nominees:

★ Winner: Clickatell: Chat 2 Pay



This award celebrates the most impressive development and innovations driving aggregation success. The recipient of the Excellence Award for Aggregation is a trusted billing provider with a plug and play secure solution that can process high volumes in a stable environment to support the continued success of their business partners. They have established themselves as a preferred partner.



We want to salute work that cuts through the content space. High quality, valuable content attracts, informs, engages and retains consumers. The winner of this award is recognised for their role in establishing themselves in the consumers’ everyday life by creating a captivating user experience. They are a trend setter who successfully offers content services across a range of categories, namely but not limited to games; entertainment; lifestyle; social; educational and upliftment/social development.

2022 Nominees:

★ Winner: Joker Mobile (AWG): MTN FC



This award recognises a player in the messaging and SMS community that is not only exploring the latest developments in rich communication services and A2P solutions but is also focused on providing innovative messaging solutions on a reliable platform. They have established themselves as a preferred partner due to their innovation, customer service and bespoke solutions – proving to be a leader in their field.

2022 Nominees:

★ Winners (tie): Connect Mobile and SMSPortal



This award acknowledges the excellence in service delivery within the community – a staple champion and advocate of the ecosystem. Nominations can expand across all sectors within the mobile ecosystem and can include technologies, solutions, services or products that ensure the advancement of the WASP industry through smart business and partnerships. This partner need not be a WASPA member.

Selection criteria will also consider:

  • Customer service
  • Community involvement
  • Product flexibility
  • Collaboration
  • Positive impact

2022 Nominees:

★ Winners (tie): Infobip and Joker Mobile (Avatar World Group)



This award recognises a person who has demonstrated excellence in leading, motivating and developing others. The Industry Champion of the Year has distinguished themselves in their organisation and the industry community – epitomizing not only integrity and excellence in their field but strives to support and uplift and develop those around them.

Nominees should demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Leadership: Leading by example whether in the company, community or broader industry.
  • Impact: Tangible and intangible impact on fellow employees, the company or broader community through actions or initiatives.
  • Presence: Demonstrates high integrity in action and words with confidence that inspires.
  • Diversity, inclusion, equity: The nominee actively fosters a diverse and inclusive environment in all that they do.



This award salutes young businesses that show promise of a bright future through their strategic approach and resourcefulness. Their track record should reflect a strong trajectory and a commitment to the industry as a whole. They are the company to watch! The award is open to businesses younger than 5 years, level 1 – 3 B-BBEE.

Nominees will be judged on 2 primary factors:

  • Description of positive outcomes in projects, activities, initiatives or impacts, that as a collective, demonstrate exceptional start-up and ongoing achievement.
  • Evidence that the contributions of the nominee will have a sustained and positive impact on the industry.