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Mobi Class educational content
Mobi Class contains thousands of educational content from some of the leading education providers in South Africa and globally.

The content is applicable for ages 1-18, with bundle categories for ages 1-8, middle school and high school learners.

Mobi Class’s content for kids include nursery rhymes, stories, an online pre-school, and cartoons that entertain and educate.

Our content for Grade 1-12 learners are CAPs and IEB aligned, providing tons of video content, worksheets, study guides for key subjects and study skills training.

Since launch in September 2021, 326,289 subscriptions have been acquired.

With over 165 focused playlists covering 3000 individual items of content (including 900 workbooks and 2100 educational videos) the full curriculum is covered in detail and with worked examples for all ages.