The complaints process

WASPA provides a number of different online tools for lodging complaints about mobile services:

  • Use the report SMS scams and spam form if you have received an unsolicited commercial message (spam) and you would like to report this to WASPA. If you are able to identify a specific WASPA member, we will let that member know that you would like to be removed from their database.
  • Use the report unwanted billing form if you are being charged for WASP services without your permission. Based on the information you provide here, WASPA will try make sure that the services for which you are being charged are cancelled. Please note that we can only assist with charges resulting from services offered by WASPA members. If you have a more general billing problem, you will need to ask your service provider for assistance.
  • Use the complaints form if you believe that a WASPA member has acted in breach of the WASPA Code of Conduct. The complaints process is more rigorous than the process used for SMS spam and billing queries, so you should expect it to take longer to get resolved. Often, complaints are handled by an independent ICT lawyer who assesses the merits of complaint.

Informal resolution or formal review?

  • Most complaints lodged with WASPA are initially handled using the informal complaints process. The goal of this process is to provide prompt and efficient assistance for a consumer who has a complaint. The WASPA member is given an opportunity (and five days) to resolve the matter directly with the complainant.
  • For complaints that have an impact on a large number of consumers, or which involve a serious breach of the WASPA Code, the formal complaints process is used. Both the complainant and the relevant WASPA member are required to provide evidence to an independent adjudicator, who assesses the facts of the case and makes a ruling.
  • An adjudicator’s ruling can be appealed, in which case it is reviewed by a panel of three independent adjudicators. This panel gives a final ruling, and may amend any sanction imposed by an adjudicator.

How can I check on the status of my complaint?

  • You can contact the WASPA complaints team (via to ask for an update on the status of any complaint you have lodged with WASPA.
  • Please include the complaint reference number when asking for information, so that the team can identify your complaint.