Mission statement

WASPA’s mission is to provide a non-profit forum in which members can address issues of common interest and interface with industry stakeholders, network operators, government and regulatory organisations, both locally and internationally so that end-users receive world-class service and industry participants earn a fair return on their investments.

WASPA’s mission success factors are to:

  • Determine the needs of end-users in South Africa on an on-going basis;
  • Be a source and repository of relevant information for its members;
  • Promote ethical and sound business practices amongst its members;
  • Provide guidance from time to time on any regulatory issues that may affect WASPA and its members;
  • Influence industry regulation and policy in South Africa concerning structures, policies, tariffs and competition;
  • Support and promote the implementation of regulated competition in the mobile service providers’ industry;
  • Keep track of international communication trends;
  • Promote staff development and training in respect of its members;
  • Support where possible the social and economic development objectives of governments and civil society;
  • Promote effective cooperation and partnership amongst members and other organisations in attainment of these objectives.