WASPA Press Release Archive

Press releases for 2021

2021-04-18 Calling a SA Business from a Cell Phone? You May Be Paying More Than You Think
2021-04-09 Staying Safe with Tap and Go
2021-04-02 WASPA Elects New Chairman and First Female Vice-Chair
2021-04-01 Contactless Payments – How Safe Is It?
2021-03-04 Tap and Go Payments – Staying Safe
2021-02-23 How is the Growing Mobile Ecosystem Changing the Fraud Game
2021-02-18 The Growing Mobile Ecosystem and Identity Theft on Social Media
2021-02-09 Pay Serious Attention To What Apps are Asking You To Do
2021-02-07 What’s Up With Apps Selling Your Data and Why You Should Care
2021-02-05 Identity theft on Social Media
2021-01-28 Consumer Data – What Are Companies Collecting and Why?

Press releases for 2020

2020-11-18 The Human Risk in Cybersecurity
2020-11-17 Television Interview with eNCA – Morning News
2020-11-12 Radio Onderhoud met Pretoria FM – Sake 20/20
2020-10-13 Interview with Channel Africa Radio (SABC International Radio)
2020-10-12 Unauthorised Transactions, Billing Plague SA Mobile Consumers
2020-10-05 Radio interview with Lotus FM – The Weekend Liftoff
2020-09-23 Television interview with ENCA
2020-09-22 Radio interview with 702 Breakfast Show
2020-09-01 WASPA’s Consumer Protection Mandate
2020-08-19 WASPA Launches Mobile “Do Not Disturb”
2020-07-29 Interview with Cape Talk Radio
2020-07-13 WASPA Welcomes Dhavelin Chetty to Board
2020-06-05 Mobile Users Must Remain Vigilant During Lockdown
2020-05-21 How to get the Best out of Mobile in Level 4
2020-04-20 SA Mobile Users Should Expect Urgent COVID-19 Texts
2020-03-19 WASPA Welcomes New Perspectives
2020-02-25 WASPA Invites Nominations for the Board
2020-02-04 Back to School in the Mobile Age Means Back to Basic Parenting
2020-01-15 Cheaper Data, Higher Incomes to Lift App Market in 2020

Press releases for 2019

2019-11-21 Be Awake to the DeepFake!
2019-10-25 WASPA Engages Members with Annual Roadshow
2019-09-10 Ignore App Terms & Conditions and Become Clickbait
2019-08-29 WASPA Welcomes New Communications Chief
2019-07-12 WASPA’s Self-Regulating Status Means Real Consumer Benefits
2019-05-31 Huawei Crisis: ‘Think Global, Act Local’ Takes On New Meaning
2019-05-14 Content and Applications Continue to Power Mobile in 2019
2019-04-09 WASPA’s Inaugural Board Begins Its Term
2019-03-08 Mobile Industry News Round-Up: First Quarter 2019
2019-02-19 WASPA a ‘Key Partner’ in the Battle Against Harmful Content
2019-01-10 WASPA Takes Aim at Mobile Fraudsters With Global Heavy Hitter

Press releases for 2018

2018-11-28 All the Mobile Need-to-Knows This Holiday Season
2018-10-23 WASPA Compliance Dept Boosted to Further Protect Cell Users
2018-09-26 Scan, Monitor & Check Your Mobile Subscriptions, says WASPA
2018-09-24 South Africa’s Mobile Heritage a Shared Country Asset
2018-08-23 WASPA Updates Member Code to Reflect Malware Challenges
2018-07-31 Madiba’s Message of Hope Inspires WASPA to Help Others
2018-07-25 Mobile Networks Simplify Customer Engagement With New Short Codes
2018-07-20 Proactive Steps Required From All Mobile Users
2018-05-04 WASPA Urges Users to be Wary of Malicious Apps
2018-03-23 Incoming WASPA Chair Motivated to Make “Positive Contribution to Local Telecoms Industry”
2018-02-20 Only Transact with WASPA Members, Mobile Consumers Warned
2018-01-23 Consumer Champion WASPA Commits to More of the Same

Press releases for 2017

2017-12-06 Four Holiday Data Savers From SA Mobile Body
2017-11-28 Taking Care This December is as Easy as 112
2017-10-25 Consumers Can Take Control of Mobile Content
2017-10-12 South Africa’s Homegrown Heroes Have an App for That
2017-09-20 Digital Personas Integral to Teaching Today
2017-08-15 WASPA Advises SA Mobile Users to be “App-Aware”
2017-07-21 ICASA Updates to WASPA Code of Conduct
2017-07-13 WASPA Continues to Invest in Mobile Safety Training for Teachers
2017-05-19 Parenting? There’s an App for That
2017-04-26 Multiple Benefits from WASPA Membership
2017-04-20 Heads Up For Faster Mobile Compliance
2017-03-13 Mobile Industry Peers Elect WASPA Chair & ManCom
2017-03-07 Surge in Data Usage Behind Data Depletion, Says WASPA
2017-02-27 Mobile Firms Comitted to WASPA Code of Conduct

Press releases for 2016

2016-12-08 WASPA’s Tips for Mobile Data December
2016-12-07 SA’s Mobile Industry Association achieves Member Milestone
2016-11-25 Three Easy Ways to Keep on Top of Mobile Billing
2016-08-10 WASPA Joins South Africa’s Longest-Running ICT Gathering
2016-07-25 Cellphones No Luxury, Says WASPA
2016-07-19 Consumer Privacy a Priority for SA Wireless Firms
2016-06-09 SA Mobile Users Could be 30% Richer
2016-05-17 WASPA’s Tips for Protecting Mobile Device Integrity
2016-04-21 WASPA’s Mobile Data Saving Tips
2016-03-30 WASPA Website a Welcome Resource for Mobile Users
2016-03-30 WASPA 2016 Mancom Builds on Solid Foundation
2016-03-22 Holidays Mean Overtime for Caring Parents
2016-03-15 Mobile Satisfaction is Knowing Who to Talk to
2016-02-16 South Africa and the Internet – Like Peas in an iPod

Press releases for 2015

2015-12-01 WASPA Concession Means Early Christmas for Charities
2015-10-27 Mobile Engagement: The Answer to Business Owners’ Marketing Woes
2015-10-01 WASPA Attends iWeek 2015
2015-07-14 Mobile Messaging Traffic to Increase by 200%
2015-06-26 Jacqui Jones Elected as New Management Committee Member
2015-04-21 The Cell phone is NOT the babysitter
2015-04-09 If You Don’t Recognize a Number on Your Phone Bill
2015-01-15 WASPA Clarifies the Role of Industry Players

Press releases for 2014

2014-08-26 WASPA Streamlines Code of Conduct for Better Consumer Protection
2014-08-25 WASPA’s Top Ten After Ten Years
2014-07-08 WASPA Names First Operations Manager to Strengthen Self-Regulating Role
2014-03-26 Newly-Elected WASPA Mancom to Steer Mobile Industry Association in 2014

Press releases for 2013

2013-12-10 MTN/Cell C Launch Double Opt In System for WASPs

Press releases for 2012

2012-06-19 WAP Have You Been Doing?
2012-04-13 Renewed Vigour for WASPA Management Committee

Press releases for 2011

2011-12-02 Help reduce mobile spam, before it’s too late
2011-09-26 WASPA helping make mobile phones safe for children and teens
2011-08-30 Mobile watchdog is a full-time job for WASPA media monitor
2011-07-22 Protecting children from the dark side of cellphone use.
2011-07-06 Press statement by WASPA.
2011-06-20 WASPA’s latest code of conduct comes into effect.
2011-05-19 How to handle that unwelcome sms marketing or subscription message.
2011-03-29 WASPA names management committee for 2011.
2011-01-25 Consumers praise WASPA for looking out for their interests.
2011-01-12 WASPA clarifies RICA misperceptions.

Press releases for 2010

2010-11-10 WASPA engages with public to refine code of conduct.
2010-11-07 Mobile scams spreading to other mediums, warns WASPA.
2010-10-11 WASPA warns against new SMS scam.
2010-07-20 Mobile consumers invited to shape WASPA code of conduct.
2010-07-05 WASPA reports on its mandate.
2010-05-12 WASPA adds further protections for consumers into code of conduct.
2010-05-10 Professor Sieg Eiselen appointed as WASPA adjudicator.
2010-04-07 WASPA workshop proves to be a resounding success.
2010-03-15 Mobile spend notification virtually elminates “bill shock”.
2010-03-09 WASPA management committee assigned responsibilities.

Press releases for 2009

2009-12-08 10 tips for getting the most value from mobile content services.
2009-10-21 WASPA cautions against “419” SMS messages.
2009-10-08 WASPA celebrates 5th anniversary with international recognition and growth across the continent.
2009-08-26 Practicing safe mobile marketing.
2009-06-30 Self-regulation the key to success of SA’s WASP industry.
2009-05-29 WASPA curbs abuses among quiz subscription providers.
2009-05-11 WASPA beefs up code of conduct.
2009-03-10 WASPA lays down the law on advertising subscription services to kids.
2009-01-26 WASPA takes action to protect SA subscribers from illegal mobile content from offshore.

Press releases for 2008

2008-11-20 More mobile consumer protection from WASPA.
2008-11-13 Mobile texting raises R655 000 in carte blanche 20th birthday charity drive.
2008-11-10 Cyberlaw expert joins ‘Scorpions’ of the mobile industry.
2008-11-03 WASPA intros new ad rules for members to protect consumers.

Press releases for 2006

2006-02-22 WASPA’s new advertising rules show industry compliance.