WASPA Engages Members with Annual Roadshow

Published on: 25th October 2019

The Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association of SA (WASPA) embarked on the Gauteng leg of its national roadshow in October to better engage its membership base approximately 300 mobile content and application provider members. Earlier in the year, WASPA visited members in Cape Town and other centres.

One on one meetings were held to provide members with a platform to more fully express themselves and receive expert feedback from WASPA General Manager, Ilonka Badenhorst, and her WASPA Secretariat and Complaints Team representatives Sharon Blanche and Lorraine Hartzer.

In addition, WASPA reached out to its international members located outside South Africa with an offer to participate in virtual e-meetings with the team.

Ms Badenhorst spent some time outlining the benefits of WASPA membership. “While WASPA membership is recommended for content providers, and compulsory for all aggregators, industry participants should understand that it is also beneficial for the long-term sustainability of our industry. Becoming a WASPA member ensures that WASP activity is monitored and regulated to protect consumers and to provide an equal playing field for all participants.

“Our annual Roadshows serve as a sounding board for member concerns and help to bring them up to speed regarding the latest developments in the legislative and business environment in which they operate,” said Ms Badenhorst.

The Roadshows are also an opportunity for members to discuss and better understand the WASPA Code of Conduct and its requirements. “Because fines can be imposed for non-compliance, it is important for members to operate within the provisions of the Code which serves as a self-regulating mechanism and also a vehicle for fostering consumer confidence in WASPA members,” explains Ms Badenhorst.

“The WASPA Roadshows received a positive response from many members who are trying to come to grips with the latest mobile industry developments, the current challenging business environment and implementation of the best practices that WASPA encourages. We are confident they help WASPs better manage their own business risk while also helping to create a better functioning mobile content and applications ecosystem through quicker attention to any concerns WASPA members may have,” concluded Ms Badenhorst.

Membership of South Africa’s Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association is recommended, and often compulsory, for any firm wanting to provide mobile content services to the country’s prepaid and contract cellular users. Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom Mobile have all mandated that membership of a representative industry body with an enforceable Code of Conduct is required for wireless application service providers (WASPs).