Youth Day interview – Surviving the online jungle (SABC Radio Interview)

Published on: 16th June 2022

Today’s youth is predominately made up of ‘digital natives’, which can sometimes make it difficult for parents and family members to keep up with their digital practices, as younger people always seem to know more about this environment. And for the older youth, they are at an age with a lot of social pressure based on exposure to ‘soft life’ – where they are facing a tough economic reality that makes their internet fuelled aspirations seem impossible.

The reality is, when we speak of the youth in South Africa, we are speaking of an age group of 15-34, which is inclusive of children that need supervision, and young adults both with a dependency on technology, and both susceptible to cyberbullying, human trafficking and various other types of cybercrimes and pressures.

Ilonka Badenhorst, Managing Executive at WASPA chats to SABC Channel Africa Radio about the online safety of children.

Listen to the full interview here: