Mobile industry in SA regulated by WASPA Code of Conduct (Smile FM interview)

Published on: 20th July 2022

WASPA’s Managing Executive, Ilonka Badenhorst, had a chat with Smile FM’s Benito Vergotine on the 20th of July 2022 speaking about WASPA, and the role WASPA plays for both consumers and members.

The mobile services space is an exciting world of apps and solutions, aimed at much more than communication and entertainment, which have made mobile devices a close companion for most people. Though convenient, mobile services can be a complex space filled with pitfalls and threats that are not always easy for consumers to navigate without the right knowledge of the technology and their rights.

Ilonka shares the good news here, which is the reality that regulation in this industry is in fact tight, with a clear Code of Conduct, and a well-established formal complaints process that has not only the full support of the largest mobile network operators, but also of all wireless service provider members of WASPA.

Click below to listen to the interview: