MTN/Cell C Launch Double Opt In System for WASPs

Published on: 10th December 2013

The Wireless Applications Service Providers’ Association (WASPA) welcomes MTN and Cell C’s implementation of a double opt-in system for all services offered by WASPs.

Casper De Villiers, WASPA Chairman, says the double opt-in process has always been part of the WASPA code of conduct, but up until now only Vodacom has supported the double opt-in requirement with its own independent system.

“We’re delighted that MTN and Cell C have also put in place a double opt-in process to support the process. This puts the control around the use of WASP services firmly in the hands of the consumer,” he says.

When a consumer requests to use a WASP service, the request is sent through to the network operator, which then sends its own opt-in message to the consumer, which they must then accept.

Should they do so, the WASP offering the service is then notified of the consumer’s confirmation allowing the WASP to deliver the service as requested.

“Vodacom launched their double opt-in system 18 months ago and it has had a positive effect on the industry, allowing consumers to independently confirm their use of WASPs services. We believe the introduction of similar systems by the other major network operators will have the same positive impact on the industry as when Vodacom’s system went live,” he says.