Top things to worry about if your mobile device is stolen (Radio 2000 interview)

Published on: 31st October 2022

As mobile devices become a closer companion for consumers, they also become a bigger threat to their privacy and security. This is an unfortunate reality, because if you have your phone stolen or lost, not only are you losing a valuable item, but you run a high risk of becoming a victim to further crimes.

The theft of mobile phones is not a new phenomenon, in fact, there is an estimated 1.3 million incidences of theft of personal property occurring in 2021/22. However, this emerging trend where mobile phones are being snatched from owners are affording criminals the opportunity to gain access to the victim’s personal and even confidential information which can be used against them, their loved ones, or others.

So, what can ordinary citizens do to protect themselves and what are the leading mobile service crimes faced today?

Radio 2000 interviews Jacqui Jones, WASPA Vice-Chair, to unpack the topic: