Television Interview with eNCA – Morning News

Published on: 17th November 2020

The pandemic has substantially changed the way we interact with digital platforms. As we realise the benefits of a mobile world, more and more services have shifted online Рjust look at e-commerce and mobile banking as key examples. According to Statista’s market and consumer data, the e-commerce industry in South Africa is expected to reach approximately R62m in revenue in 2020 and grow by 10% each year. And many people are transacting on a mobile device.

However, the risk of fraud is more prevalent since our behaviour has changed. Not only is there a threat of theft from the unsuspecting disclosure of personal data, but spam, mobile fraud advertising, the lack of password protection and personal information, as well as unauthorised financial transactions have increased.

Ilonka Badenhorst from the Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association spoke to eNCA’s Jane Dutton about different scams.

See the full interview below: