If You Don’t Recognize a Number on Your Phone Bill

Published on: 9th April 2015

If you’re unsure why your mobile credit has disappeared or you can’t work out why the cost of your bill is high, you may have been charged for a premium rate service. The charge may have been added to your bill by you or someone who has access to your phone and has accessed and bought or signed up to a premium service via text message or the internet.

Many of the calls to WASPA’s (Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association) Consumer helpline are directly related to charges appearing on the caller’s mobile phone bill.

Check if it is a premium rate charge

South Africa’s mobile network operators provide a website to assist consumers in linking short text message numbers (known as Shortcodes which are 5 digits in length) and other numbers related to WASP services to a particular company.

You can enter the number into www.smscodes.co.za (this site is not operated by WASPA) to check if the name and contact details of the company providing the service.

How to stop premium charges

If you are unsure of the charge, WASPA advises you to contact your mobile network operator who will advise you exactly by whom and for what you are being charged. They can also, cancel any additional charges on your account.

You can also ask your mobile network operator to bar premium rated services on your cell phone number.

You can unsubscribe from a premium service by texting the word STOP to their Shortcode number or by contacting the provider of the service directly by calling their customer service number.

Contact WASPA for advice

If you would like advice from WASPA on premium rate charges you can: