Cyberviolence against women (media interviews with Ilonka Badenhorst)

Published on: 5th September 2022

Gender Based Violence (GBV) has gone digital

Cyberviolence is an increasing problem in South Africa and globally, where it is sadly often gender-based and targeting women and girls.

Violence against women in the online environment can take many forms such as cyber harassment, revenge porn and threats of rape, sexual assault or murder. Perpetrators can be partners or ex-partners, colleagues, schoolmates or, as is often the case, anonymous individuals.

Research indicates that the predominant, root cause of violence against women and girls is gender inequality (discrimination, gender stereotypes, sexism). Moreover, women who have more than one commonly-targeted characteristic – for example, women of colour, members of minority religions, or people who identify as LGBTQI+ – may be attacked more frequently.

The good news is that there are ways women and all victims of cyberviolence can protect themselves in the online environment, this begins by not only understanding the recently announced legislation to fight cyberbullying, but also understanding how to manage your personal information to minimise the chances of being victimised.

Ilonka Badenhorst, Managing Executive at WASPA, has been interviewed by several media channels recently, and provides more insights in this regard.

1. Radio 2000 interview (2Mb MP3 audio file):


2. Newzroom Afrika (27Mb MP4 video file):


3. SABC News Network on Youtube:


4. Smile FM interview (5Mb MP3 audio file):