Smartcall Technology Solutions: EEZI App parking payment service



The EEZI App, available on both Android and IOS platforms, provides customers with a mobile phone based option for parking payment via a linked credit or debit card, which is fully integrated into the existing parking system on site. Payment is easily processed by the customer through the Application in four steps, being:

Downloading and activating the App on their phone, scanning the ticket barcode using the phone’s camera, or alternatively manually entering the ticket number into the ticket number field, and requesting the tariff to be paid. 2) Scanning any barcode validations or discounts to be applied, again through the phone’s camera and activating the discount to be applied. 3) Processing the payment, through their credit or debit card, lodged when initially registering on the App. 4) Proceeding directly to the Exit Station and exiting the parking facility.

This product shows creativity and innovative thinking in the new world where ease of use is key. Parking is made easier by using the app. This product can also be integrated into other platforms and be part of other products.

Mobile application available for download on iOS and Android.

Mobile application available for download on iOS and Android.
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