Clickatell: Chat 2 Pay



Clickatell is the global Chat Commerce leader powering businesses to connect, interact, and transact with consumers anytime, anywhere in chat. Positioned at the intersection of communications (CPaaS, CCaaS) and commerce (digital payments), Clickatell uniquely gives businesses access to a complete end-to-end, low / no-code, feature-rich Chat Commerce orchestration capability complete with assisted (Chat Desk) and unassisted (bots) chat, and its Chat 2 Pay security payment offering. Chat 2 Pay, launched in September 2021, takes Clickatell’s decades of developing chat commerce solutions for global customers and delivers a simple and comprehensive way for merchants to offer payments and transactions to consumers in chat. Chat 2 Pay enables merchants to securely accept payments in chat messaging by sending consumers a payment link via SMS or WhatsApp. The functionality is so easy merchants simply switch it on and manage it. Clickatell’s own data shows using the chat channel for interactions and transactions reduces the overall cost of doing business while increasing customer engagement.

Chat 2 Pay:

  • Is easy-to-use: it feels just like any other eCommerce checkout on mobile, as it is based on the tried and trusted Cybersource system.
  • Is secure, and optimized for mobile, with support for Visa Click to Pay, enabling one-click checkout if the customer chooses to save their card details.
  • Improve the customer experience. Offer innovative, intuitive , and highly convenient ways for customers to make call center payments.
  • Streamline the checkout experience. It makes it easier and more convenient for customers to pay for goods and services.
  • Reduce the cost to businesses. Drive customer adoption of chat messaging as a lower-cost, more efficient channel for future interactions.
  • Lower complexity of implementation. Start selling immediately with orchestration APIs and a secure, fully-hosted checkout page that handles the payment process.
  • Track every step of the payment. The solution includes an agent dashboard that displays the status of the payment (e.g. link sent, payment success or error, etc).
  • Increase customer confidence. Integration to Cybersource, a trusted, reliable payment processing platform (offering both Secure Acceptance and Unified Commerce)

In today’s environment, consumers are increasingly looking for contactless digital engagement options, and longer-term, these solutions also meet the desire for greater consumer convenience and payment choices. By taking the payment capabilities brands have on their websites, apps, and in their call centers, and making them available via chat, simpler payments will further drive the adoption of this low-cost, efficient channel for interactions and transactions.

Clickatell believes every single person has the right to a modern, connected world and what it has set out to do is make sure people can communicate and transact with brands no matter where they are. Clickatell is bridging the gap between businesses and consumers, making the modern, connected world accessible for all in chat. Clickatell has helped brands be intimately involved with consumers through chat. With billions of consumers actively chatting on chat apps, Clickatell believes Chat Commerce is the future of digital commerce enabling brands to connect, interact, and transact where their customers are. Chat Commerce enables businesses to easily facilitate significantly improved customer experiences through chat, with the added benefit of being far more efficient for customers and saving companies operational costs. And, today, digital commerce is booming, chat is booming, and consumers want more payment options, especially contactless since COVID-19. Against this backdrop, Chat Commerce is poised to explode, changing how we bank, pay bills, buy things, interact with brands, and it will set higher expectations for convenience and customer experience.

Chat 2 Pay addresses today’s boom worldwide in digital payments – a shift in consumer behavior and response to the impact of the pandemic. It also helps address consumers’ physical proximity concerns, while reducing fraud. Chat 2 Pay delivers a secure, frictionless, and contact-free checkout—with no need to hand credit cards to merchants or read card details over the phone. Chat 2 Pay creates greater freedom and convenience in the payment process. Now, consumers can ask a retailer to send a payment request, make the payment, and receive acknowledgement, all from chat channels on a mobile device. Chat 2 Pay additionally meets the needs of sellers and shoppers who expect the convenience of their already trusted and favorite chat apps to converse and transact with businesses. With Chat 2 Pay businesses can now offer the ability for customers to pay for pretty much any products and/or services by sending a payment link via a chat message. There are lots of payment/ solutions products on the market and many payment APIs but it still needs lots of work and development from the businesses that want to use it. The big differentiator of Chat 2 Pay is that Clickatell orchestrates the process between the chat channel, the payment gateway, and the OMS. It’s a very easy functionality for a Merchant to “switch on” and manage. The product is ready to use, quick, easy and convenient for businesses.