Joker Mobile (Avatar World Group)

Nominated category: Service Provider Of The Year Award

Avatar World Group (‘AWG’) is a global mobile and digital services company founded in 2004 to cater to the emerging Argentinian market under the Joker Mobile brand. AWG has expanded to provide leading value-added services and content provider services across Latin America, Africa and Europe. AWG operates in over 24 countries and across 38 mobile operators. The head office is in Buenos Aires, and we have commercial offices in Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Guatemala and Johannesburg. In South Africa, AWG operates as Joker Mobile South Africa BH (Pty) Ltd (‘Joker Mobile’). Joker Mobile is a subsidiary of Avatar World Group focused on providing mobile and digital services in the African market. AWG focused on content monetisation, DCB and digital advertising. The two services we have nominated namely In Concert and MTN FC utilise all three of our key focus areas to develop, deploy and grow digital services with mobile operators in South Africa.

The team at AWG (Joker Mobile) has focused on providing digital services that subscribers in South Africa find appealing, namely Music and Soccer. We have partnered with local content providers to create and distribute amazing local content to subscribers. We believe that as a content provider and WASP, we continue to deliver subscriber-centric digital content services in South Africa. This has been shown by the success of in Concert and MTN FC on the MTN South Africa network. Our partnership with MTN South Africa has allowed us to assist many musicians to monetise their music concerts during the pandemic. This is coupled with creating some of the most exclusive local soccer content that subscribers can’t get anywhere else. We continue to invest and grow our services with our partners in South Africa. Our passion for delivering excellence and remaining relevant with both our mobile operator partners and their subscribers has positioned AWG as a key industry player in South Africa.