Sam Media: XR Academy


Excellence Award: Content

XR Academy
In 2021, Sam Media created and launched a Metaverse legacy, called XR Academy where XR stands for all extended reality technologies. XR Academy allows people to learn and discover a variety of educational content in VR and AR. From understanding a tiny cell to the human body; getting to know the biodiversity of the kingdom of living things; traveling with rockets across the universe to faraway stars and planets; reconnecting with the ancient civilisations, archeological artifacts, and cultural heritage; touring cities of the 21st century; to exploring art masterpieces on a deeper level. XR Academy is the result of a diverse team of educators, software developers and 3D artists, coming together with shared missions to elevate learning experiences with the latest metaverse technologies, and to make education entertaining and accessible to everyone globally. Even without VR headsets, people are still able to immerse themselves into our wide range of 360 content. One only needs a smartphone, internet connection, and curiosity.

In a marketplace where so many digital content merchants still offer previous generation services like wallpapers, ringtones and HTML5 games, Sam Media invests heavily in being at the forefront of offering next generation content for the engaged customer. Products like XR Academy have been designed to immerse users, keeping them engaged and offering real value for money. By harnessing the ease-of-use of direct carrier billing, millions of mobile users can seamlessly sign up to enjoy state-of-the art digital edutainment from the comfort of their own homes.