Akinga VSP (Vertical Service Provider)


Vertical Service Provider is a one-of-a-kind digital service benefactor that specializes and operates within the African market. Together with Telkom, VERTICAL SERVICE PROVIDER has been able to provide its customers with leading-edge service delivery platforms, seamless mobile network operators’ integration, astute billing management, and innovative anti-fraud solutions that have not only allowed for them to grow in the telecommunications industry, but to also become a force that cannot be ignored. VERTICAL SERVICE PROVIDER’s relentless pursuit of excellence is one of the reasons why it will remain an industry leader in its field for years to come. We’d like to nominate our stellar service delivery platform. Through high-performance SDP, this service aims to store, manage and effectively charge subscribers for the utilization of Value-Added Services across SMS, USSD and WAP channels.

VERTICAL SERVICE PROVIDER is unique within the industry in which it operates. Through the bright, energetic and forward-thinking minds within the company, VERTICAL SERVICE PROVIDER has been able to establish both fruitful and long-lasting relationships with hugely renowned brands within the telecommunications world, such as Telkom and MTN. The secret as to how these partnerships continue to grow from strength to strength is because both parties understand that providing customers with the best and ever-evolving services not only to meet their standards but to exceed those very same standards. By doing that, customers not only increase brand trust but also want those close to them to experience the very same joy that they experience from our excellent services, which ultimately allows for VERTICAL SERVICE PROVIDER and its partners to cultivate to greater heights. VERTICAL SERVICE PROVIDER harnesses for main services. The first, as substantiated above is the leading-edge service delivery platform that stores subscribers, manages them as well as charges them at a significantly reasonable rate for the usage of various value-added services across SMS, USSD, & WAP channels. The other is our effective billing management. Through this management, we provide reliable revenue collection on behalf of our content partners from the mobile network operators and distribution of the revenue shares. The other immaculate service we offer is our innovative anti-fraud solutions. With regards to this, we meticulously ensure compliance by avoiding undesired subscription activity, thereby increasing user trust. Vertical Service Provider prides itself in being Telkom’s trusted partner, having successfully onboarded 25 Content Partners, with over 70 services across portfolios. We introduced VAS with successful Mo Winz campaigns for revenue growth and an opportunity to upsell content. We remain a relevant player and are part of CDO’s meeting room discussions for our success with Telkom across different product portfolios. We are evolving to new opportunities and Segments to grow Telkom’s unique numbers across platforms. We have recently launched a loyalty and rewards platform customers – which drives revenues through content upsells, spin purchases and drives certain behaviours as defined. And lastly, our effortless integration with various mobile network operators ensures that we are integrated directly with various mobile network operators throughout Africa allowing us to onboard Value-Added Services available to mobile prepaid, post-paid and hybrid customers. In conclusion, for the multiple reasons mentioned, we believe the sensational work that we do behind the scenes in the telecommunications space deserves to be recognized and equally appreciated. We also continue to work closely with WASPA to ensure compliance. As it stands, all Content Partners associated with Vertical Services Provider are WASPA members as a result adhere to our strict compliance policies.