Connect Mobile: Genius Bots


Excellence Award: Innovation

Connect Mobile, founded in 2007, is an ardent bulk SMS aggregator specialising in mobile messaging solutions in South Africa and beyond.

Connect Mobile has always strived for excellence. From the way we approach our aggregation infrastructure to our customer service – we shoot from the hip and split no hairs. When Connect Mobile entered the mobile communication realm previous experiences devised the roadmap for us to become one of the best mobile aggregators within South Africa and globally. With POPI affecting the way brands can communicate with consumers the dream was to not only be an RCS partner for Google or explore the WhatsApp Business offering but to develop a piece of software that can house any channel the consumer desires, be it SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram and more, with this Genius Bots was born. Genius Bots is limitless with regards to application support and even houses a self-developed web chat component where using the handset’s browser consumers can chat to any brand/company without the need for OTT or other chat applications. What’s more is the robust recording and reporting offered, nestled in the potent Plugin web-based platform. Like USSD, bots are easy to use, develop and manage.

Attached file: Connect Mobile Communication_Genius Bots Flow.pdf