We believe that communication and connectivity are key to socioeconomic empowerment. Building our own cellular network in 1994 has led to our developing a world-class ICT infrastructure – enabling us to bring voice and data solutions to over 30 million South Africans.

In 2011, we embarked on our largest-ever network rollout, increasing 2G coverage to 98% and 3G coverage to 65% of the population. In 2012, we began the biggest Long Term Evolution (LTE) network rollout in Africa. We have also made considerable investments in undersea cables to provide capacity to our network. These investments were made in the West Africa Cable System (WACS) that connects southern, western Africa and the Europe, the Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSy), which links the east coast of Africa, including South Africa with Europe, and the Africa Cable Europe (ACE) linking South Africa with the United Kingdom along the west coast of Africa.


A Wireless Application Service Provider (WASP) is a company that provides services such as bulk SMS and MMS, USSD and Interactive Voice Response services to the public. We partner with a number of WASPs that specialise in various services.

  • Bulk SMS
  • Token Based Billing (TBB)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
  • Premium-Rated SMS
  • USSD
  • Location Based Service (LBS)
  • Bulk MMS
  • Subscriber Identity for Third Parties (SIFT)
  • Premium-Rated USSD
  • Reverse Billed SMS