Excellence Award: Messaging Services

Chat has become the largest digital platform in the world. Chat platforms such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. already have more than 7.7 billion active users compared to 4.7 billion internet users. On a daily basis, chat has become the preferred way we engage friends and family, and brands are taking notice. Clickatell’s enterprise-grade Chat Commerce Platform improves brands’ customer experience and drives revenue by personalizing communications, delivering higher customer satisfaction and retention, increasing sales, improving business efficiencies, and reducing operating costs. It provides low/no-code tools for brands to connect, interact, and transact with their customers:

  • Connect enables messaging and notifications, such as a bank sending a customer a credit card transaction verification alert, which is much less intrusive or inefficient than a robocall or an email;
  • Interact provides back-end system integration and orchestration complete with a chatbot and agent desk enabling a bank, for example, to communicate with customers interactively to check balances or pay bills versus calling a call center number on the back of a card; and
  • Transact supports API payments and digital transactions capabilities through Clickatell’s new Chat 2 Pay. Chat 2 Pay enables businesses to securely accept payments in chat messaging by sending consumers a payment link via SMS or WhatsApp.

In its design of Chat 2 Pay, Clickatell efficiently has orchestrated the complex relationship between messaging, payments, and the order management system (OMS) of their customers, and in the process mitigates the risk of businesses managing payment card details.

With Clickatell’s Advanced Messaging capability on its Chat Commerce Platform, companies can deepen the customer relationship by delivering real-time, context-appropriate messages that are actionable guiding customers through rich text- and message-based interactions, and delivering superior customer service and support, while creating a new shopping experience from the comfort of their own phones. With billions of consumers actively chatting on chat apps, Clickatell believes Chat Commerce is the future of digital commerce enabling brands to connect, interact, and transact where their customers are. Paying a utility bill should not take 15 minutes of your life every month. Imagine a utility company sending a simple notification in chat to customers for the amount due giving them the option to tap and pay the bill right there from within the notification itself. And, if the customer has a query, we enable brands to leverage a bot or live agents then and there in the same channel. Consumers no longer have to scramble to find a number to call or fire off an email into the abyss. For example, with Clickatell Chat Flow, a web-based workflow building and automation tool and part of the Clickatell Chat Commerce Platform, businesses can build productive conversations with their customers – saving them time and allowing them to get more done, more quickly. Chat Flow can be supported by Chat Desk, a live-agent contact center solution, that allows customers to use messaging to solve problems rather than spend time holding on the phone or being stuck in an IVR. Key use cases for deploying the Advanced Messaging capability on Clickatell’s Chat Commerce Platform include, but are not limited to:

  • Customer Support – Deliver relevant, helpful customer support with Advanced Messaging that is less frustrating, more efficient, and more cost-effective than other channels. Take advantage of rich chat channel features and generate dialogues that are in context.
  • Account Alerts and Notifications – Integrate Advanced Messaging capabilities with your existing services and deliver real-time, context-appropriate, actionable notifications for more engaging and helpful customer experiences.
  • Billing and Payments – Payment reminders greatly increase the percentage of bills paid on time. Add Chat 2 Pay to request payment in the same channel, automating the process, reducing cost.
  • Tracking Deliveries – Keep your customers informed on the status of their deliveries with real-time tracking and delivery confirmations.
  • Sales Engagement – Send smart, interactive promotions to drive higher engagement from customers, capturing their attention with innovative, personalized offers and engagements.

No matter the industry, this paradigm shift in how people interact with businesses is beyond just what they experience through personalized conversations. With better engagement and customer experience, consumers will more frequently come back to these businesses and create opportunities to buy. The next step in the evolution – which is happening right now because of capabilities like Advanced Messaging, integrated with payments – is the ability for consumers to buy while communicating with their favorite business.