Joker Mobile (AWG): MTN FC


Excellence Award: Content

MTN FC is not just another content portal. It is a destination where football fans can be part of a community and share in the excitement of the beautiful game. It’s the story behind the story and the analysis of all things local and international football. The vision of MTN FC is to deliver the best in digital football content to our community of loyal football fanatics to make their digitally connected football experience a whole lot BRIGHTER. The purpose of MTN FC is to empower football fans to connect with their favourite clubs and players to consume and follow the best rich media football content and analysis in the world. Product features include:

  • A daily subscription service (R5/day) available to MTN South Africa subscribers
  • An off-deck smartphone browser portal branded MTN FC
  • Interactive games (trivia games)
  • Premium football content (unique video, bespoke written content including analysis, opinion and investigative features, and podcasts)
  • Freemium football content (Statistics, standings, news, teaser video and podcast content)
  • Interactive campaigns (competitions, and polls) MTN FC has partnered with the best local and international content providers including The Athletic, Opta, OneFootball and Wishlist Media.

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